MST100 - Ratemeter, Batcher, Totalizer
  • 6-digit LED display
  • Flow meter/totalizer/batcher
  • Flow rate/total flow display
  • 1 pulse counting input + 3 control inputs
  • 0/2 REL or OC outputs, RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • Optional isolated current output
  • Power supply output 24V DC
  • Working with FTB / FPW / FGR series
Power supply 19...50Vdc, 16...35Vac or 85...260Vac/Vdc
Power consumption 16...35Vac and 85...260Vac/Vdc: Max. 5 VA; 19...50Vdc: Max. 5 W
Accuracy Frequency: ± 0.02% (full temperature range); Flow: equivalent to used flow sensor precision
Display LED, 6 x 13mm high, red, brightness adjustable in 8 steps
Display range 0...999999 + decimal point
Readout precision
Flow rate Selected in the 0 ... 0.00000 of unit
Total flow and batcher Selected in the 0 ... 0.000 of unit
Inputs(pulse, fully isolated) Counting input with debouncing filter and pulse width control: max. input frequency 10.0 kHz; Zeroing of batcher counter: active edge or level; Zeroing of total counter: active edge or level; Counting blockade: active edge or level; Common (COM)
Input levels Low level: 0 V...1 V; High level: 10 V...30 V
Counter capacity Total flow: over 4 x 109 m3 (max. 16 significant digits); Batcher: up to 65536 m3
Units Flow rate: l or m3 per second/minute/hour; Total flow and batcher: l or m3
Pulse waiting time Settable from 0.1 to 39.9 seconds
Switching output (option) 0 or 2 x REL, Imax =1A, Umax =30Vdc/250Vac(cosø=1); or OC, Imax =30mA, Umax =30Vdc, Pmax =100mW
Passive current (option) 0 or 1, isolated, operating range max. 2.8 ... 24 mA, resolution 12 bits (available with 1 relay or OC output)
Power supply output 24V DC +5%, -10% / max. 100 mA, stabilized
Operating temperature 0°C ... +50°C (standard), optional -20°C ... +50°C
Storage temperature -10°C ... +70°C (standard), optional -20°C ... +70°C
Protection class IP 65
Communication interface RS-485, 8N1and 8N2, 1200…115200 bit/s; Modbus RTU
Dimensions (WxHxD) Without glands: 110 x 80 x 67 mm; with glands: 110 x 105 x 67 mm