Helps to keep our environment clean - Nexon in wind power applications.

Nexon offers a comprehensive range of sensors, transmitters and switches for display devices, sensors and switches for wind power system.

Applicatons in wind turbines

  • Temperature sensors are used in places like bearings, hydraulic systems, gear oil, control cabinet temperatures
  • Level sensors are used for oil level in wind turbine gear-boxes.
  • Pressure sensors are used to monitor lubrication oil, cooling circuit pressure, and yaw brake.
PX3020 series pressure transmitters PN3020, PA3020, PS3020 were released.

PX3020 equips with a stainless steel thin film sensor for pressure measurement, output signal is converted to standard industrial electrical signal, it can be used in a wide variety applications like hydraulics and pneumatics, machinery manufacturing, pumps and compressors and oil drilling.


  • Thin-film stainless steel measuring unit
  • High pressure rating
  • Measuring range from 0...5bar to 0...2200bar
  • Wide operating temperature -40...120°C
  • Seal-weld