BT21 - Ratemeter, Totalizer
  • Flow rate/total flow dispay
  • Frequency inputs only
  • Pulse output
  • 4 … 20mA analog output
  • 2-relay alarm setter
  • Working with FTB / FPW / FGR series
Power supply 110 … 220Vac; 24Vdc
Power consumption 6VA
Transmitter supply 8V / 12V / 24V selectable, Max. 50㎃
Display 2-line * 12-character LCD
Display update rate 0.25 second
Units Flow rate: l or m3 per second/minute/hour; Total flow and batcher: l or m3
Frequency range 0 ... 5 kHz
Signal type Sine wave, open collector, reed switch, proximity switch, voltage and current pulse
K - factor range 0.0001 … 50000.0000 (pulses per units)
Pulse output
Pulse width 10 ms (negative going pulse)
Duty cycle Max. 49 pulses/sec.
Output Current sinking output transistor 50 mA, max. 30vdc
Relay output
Max. switching power 100VA, 60W
Max. switching voltage 250VAC, 30VDC
Max. switching current 6 A
4 … 20mA analog output
Resolution 12-bit
Accuracy ≤ 0.025%
Max. load 500 Ω internally powered. 950 Ω
Isolation Isolated
Material Aluminum
Dimensions (WxHxD) 55mm x 75mm x109.5mm
Explosion-proof class Exd IIB T6