Flow Measurement

Flow sensors are used to measure or monitor flow of gas, water, oil etc, as the flow is highter or lower than a pre-set point, the unit will trigger the switch or send signal to control system. Noxon offers a wide range of flow meter: variable area flow meter, vortex flow meters, ultrasonic vortex flow meter, water meter, totalizing water meter, flow switch, flow indicator, flow transmitter, flow sensor, and flow controller products.

No moving parts, requires no temperature or pressure corrections and retain accuracy over a wide range of flow rates. Product List
Easy to install and operate, Multiple wetted material choices offer application versatility. Product List
High accuracy and good repeatability, fast response timet, wide flow range options for both liquids and gases. Product List
Immunity to the most viscous of fluids, gear meter are ideally suited for measurement of viscous fluids. Product List
Obstructionless flow, little or no pressure drop, good accuracy, no moving parts, insensitivity to viscosity. Product List
Be able to measure gas, steam and liquid, outputs volumetric flowrate without influence of density, temperature, or pressure. Product List